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Prosthetic Artworks is a fabricating service specializing in highly realistic anatomical restorations: upper limb, lower limb and facial. These custom silicone devices provide the wearer with an extremely high level of replacement realism. Each restoration is designed to fit and match with acute attention to every detail: size, shape, characteristic and color. This is achieved by working directly with the client creating molds, models and matching skin color. The silicone provides a very natural look and feel and has proven to be both strong and long lasting. Each restoration is an art project, combining sculpture and painting while accommodating for fit and function.


Located in Northeastern PA, we offer on site visits to offices in PA, NY, NJ, CT, MA and RI. Working directly with the recipient produces the highest quality restoration available. Off site color imaging and 3D printing technology enable Prosthetic Artworks to provide custom restorations to prosthetic companies outside their travel area.




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